Project/Technical Assessments, Project Rescue, Big Data Strategy

I bring a deep understanding of business and technology to all my work. I know that technology is useless without a solid business understanding to structure it.

I hate the cult-like mentality amongst so many technologists who think that business people cannot understand the high mysteries of technology nor are qualified to control it. I believe instead in breaking down all barriers to technology understanding and total IT transparency.

There is no reason why IT should not be held to the same standards of any other corporate department. IT projects should succeed as the norm, not the exception. If someone tells you otherwise, question their agenda. Consulting companies have a vested interest in keeping IT inefficient - they have their own bills to pay.

My approach is simple, effective and puts companies back in charge of their technology.

Project Rescue

Many IT projects fail simply because no one knows how to fix them. If you've lost all hope of getting your project back on track, I can help. I specialise in realignment and restructuring of failing projects.

Emergency Management

If you are having trouble filling a critical project or management role, or are simply overloaded, I can provide interim services such as team management, architecture, pre-sales, client or partner relations.

Big Data Strategy Development

Big Data is of crucial importance to business, but has been a very hyped and technology-driven effort. I create sane, business-driven Big Data strategies that produce tangible results. More ...

Project Assessments

For any IT project, particularly those in trouble, I conduct a thorough top to bottom review and provide an assessment and remediation report with optional follow-up reviews or technical oversight. More ...

Due Diligence Assessments

In investments or acquisitions, you never find out the true cost implications of the target IT department until it is too late. My service assess all aspects of IT in light of how well they can support long-range business goals. More ...

eCommerce Strategy Development

Many eCommerce companies find eCommerce technology "solutions" often come with never-ending expenditures and fail to address enterprise considerations. I know how to solve these problems.

IT Reengineering

In many companies, IT is a cult-like organisation, opaque to the business and uncontrollable. I design and implement IT "shake-up" plans that break down the barriers to proper control and governance.

Business Technology Training

Many business people feel that technical knowledge is like the inner mysteries of the temple of IT. It is not. I can help demystify technology so that you can properly control IT and its projects.