A real world view of IT

I don't think IT really works. I realise that's pretty contrary to the prevailing and often hysterical optimism in this field. Yet the statistics - 65-80% IT project failure rate - don't lie, nor do the anecdotal experiences we all have in this field.

There is a problem. IT doesn't deliver what it promises, when it promises, or within the time and budget it promises. In any other sector of business, you fail like that, you're out of a job. Not in IT. You'd be forgiven for thinking that IT is the haven of incompetence.

I want to know why IT fails and how to fix it. I believe we can make technology work way better than it does, and through my long experience and practice I've proved that it can be done. It's a fascinating and multi-dimensional problem, covering software development methodologies, project management techniques, open source, business-IT alignment and human nature.

I've just relaunched this site as a means for me to focus on writing more on these topics. So far, my focus has been on Agile and open source. Here are some of these articles that, even if slightly old, are still completely relevant:

And by the way, if you are looking for my popular Flashguides - software installation and integration guides - these have now all moved to http://www.flashguides.co.uk and are being revised and updated - check them out.

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