About Me

I've spent over 20 years in IT and during that time I've held nearly every major position at least once, from systems administrator to CTO. I've written books and articles, lectured, taught, developed cool stuff and run several successful boutique consultanties. I am named inventor on two patents held by Oracle and have been active in open source for over twelve years.

My core interest is in making IT work. I've worked with companies around the world, helping them improve IT efficiency and success rate by solving problems of organisation, alignment with business, project management, strategy and technical choices. Technically, I like to focus on Big Data, cloud, enterprise Java systems, SOA and search.

For a list of my books and articles, see my writings page.


"It's a rare commodity to have a senior manager who is a genius, a technical genius and has the ability to inspire others to transform someone else's vision into their reality.

Lajos is this man, an inspiring leader who created an enthusiasm in the staff not only to go the extra mile but to want to. Together with an outstanding technical skillset across many disciplines, Lajos was simply the best CTO I have ever been fortunate to work for."

- N. Cronin

"[Your] excellent Tomcat 5 Unleashed had a huge influence on my attitude to developing a complete web-based application. ... I've always felt your book was something of a classic, going way beyond just teaching me about Tomcat.

- David Mann

"Determined, capable and enthusiastic management combined with real technical understanding and ability."

- SJ

I've worked with Lajos on Non Functional Requirements Elaboration on one of our projects. I was very impressed with Lajos' insight and ability to focus on the real issues and work through understanding the key problem with this piece of work.

His technical knowledge of our systems and experience were used to clarify the key challenges and summarise the headline issues. Lajos also communicated this both at technical level and in language which non techies/managers could use to make decisions. These skills are extremely valuable on technical projects of this nature and I would recommend Lajos' involvement in this type of engagement.

- Ric Carson

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